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MooGoo Milk Shampoo

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Product Description

Natural Cleansers to prevent scalp irritation. No itchy scalp, No Dandruff, 500ml

Ingredients: Purified Water.

Purified Water

Glucose Based Cleansers.
Decyl Glucoside, Coco-Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside (from Glucose)

Glucosides are cleansers derived from mixing glucose with a fatty alcohol. They are generally acknowledged as the most gentle cleansers available. The downside of glucosides are they do not foam well and other problems that make them difficult to formulate. However, for our own scalp e we didn’t really care about the foam, we simply wanted the most gentle cleanser we could find.

Coconut Oil Based Cleansers
Coco Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate, Sodium and Lauroamphoacetate and Sodium Cocyl Sarcosinate

Although it would be tempting to keep our Milk Shampoo simple and just use the two glucoside cleaners above, a better formula is to use a lot of different types of cleansers each in small amounts. This results in a milder wash for the skin, but with good cleaning power which is what our hair needs. So we use these three coconut oil based cleansers to help out our Glucosides. We know this makes the label look more complicated, but the formula is one of the most gentle natural cleaners made.

Glyceryl Oleate (Natural Ester)

This helps condition the skin and scalp.

Coco-Caprylate (Coconut Oil based Conditioner)

A coconut oil base conditioner for the hair.

Allantoin (Comfrey Active)

Comfrey Root has long been known as a healing plant. Allantoin was identified as the part of the plant that performed this function and it has since been synethised to make it more concentrated and effective.  So the allantoin we use is the pure ingredient. Allantoin has been termed a cell proliferant in texts such as the "United States Dispensatory". It is said to clean away dead tissue, hastening the growth of new healthy tissue. Allantoin has been also termed a counter irritant. Allantoin produces its desirable effects by promoting and speeding up the healthy, natural processes of the body. It helps the skin to help itself. It is also promoted as preventing lines and wrinkles by assisting skin repair

Piroctone Olamine

Non-irritating and also helps keep the cream free from bacteria.

Milk Protein

Cognis research found that milk protein in a cream increased skin elasticity by around 20% compared to the same cream without.  Skin elasticity ensures lines and wrinkles are minimized after any movement of the skin.
Dairy Allergies: Most people with milk allergies are allergic to Lactose in milk, not the protein. However, as with all natural products, they should be patch tested on a small area of skin first.

Citric Acid(Fruit based pH Balancer)

We balance the shampoo to a pH of 5.5-6, the same as our skin.

Fragrant Oil (Phthalate Free)

We used to use Essential Oils in our Milk Wash but found that a lot of people develop allergies to essential oils. So for our wash off products like the Milk Wash, we developed special phthalate free fragrant oils so that we have the benefits of a beautiful fragrance without the allergy potential of essential oils.


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